Selected Publications






Working Papers




  • Why Teachers’ Experience Matters? Evidence from Random Assigned Classes in China, joint with Wei Huang, Yinghao Pan, and Jinyang Ren.



Working in Progress



  • Multitasking, Time Allocation, and Managers’ Ability.




Publications in Chinese

  • Price Differences, Market Segmentation, and Border Effect: Evidence from 15 Cities in Yangtze River Delta Region, joint with Huang X. and Chen S., Economic Research Journal (经济研究), 2014 (12): 18-32.


  • Retail Price Behaviors: Evidence from 15 cities in Yangtze River Delta, joint with Huang X. and Chen S., Management World (管理世界), 2014 (1): 8-15. (Leading article)

  • The Paradox of Law of One Price in Chinese Urban Board Effects, joint with Huang X. and Chen S., World Economy (世界经济), 2014 (11): 100-118.​​​

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